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Ecco is a Danish shoe brand that was founded by Karl Toosbuy. He has been a shoemaker since he was a little boy. This man was very focused on his dream, and his end result is a brand of shoes that's functional, very popular and comfortable. ECCO first shoes were introduced in the 1970’s and were an instant hit. There was no doubt that this brand makes some of the most popular and comfortable shoes in the world. Karl had improvement as his priority, so he kept making sure that the craftsmanship and personnel was always optimal. Quality control and high end materials are used to perfect its products. Ecco Shoes are available now in about 94 countries with about 1,000 stores and 2,600 shops around the world.

Eccos goal is to provide high quality and affordable shoes, a goal that we believe they have truly achieved. The company has many great shoes that fit all types of styles and taste. The Ecco Joke, Ecco Free and TIME were amongst the first shoes that best fitted in the lightweight and comfortable description. Then the SOFT and SHARK came along, these are still classic, and have gained a cult like following. In the 1990’s they expanded their range of products to , kids shoes, accessories, golf, and performance shoes. After Toosbuys’ death , his daughter Hanni Toosbuy designed some shoes of her own like the BIOM natural motion shoes. Many celebrities also wear ECCO because they of the comfort and style these awesome shoes provide. Be part of the edgy, laid back and dashing movement. Look gorgeous and feel relaxed everywhere you go. Here at Ecco Outlet we will provide detailed personal reviews on these wonderful shoes. We are true Ecco Fans and we will help you find the best prices online on all the Top Ecco shoes and boots.